Turning Themes Into Memes

Stewart McKie

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Ideablogs are a new online collaboration tool designed for social idea development. The purpose of this short article is to encourage you to think about using an ideablog to support innovation in your business. I’ll be explaining what an ideablog is and how you can use one to help ensure you have a constant flow of new ideas to think about. What is an Ideablog? An ideablog is a social networking application used to stimulate, capture, promote and enrich ideas online via a blog-style user interface. Ideablogs support online communities of interest that are focused on stimulating and capturing ideas. They use social networking concepts to support the sharing, promotion and development of ideas. Ideablogs offer more specialized functionality than an ordinary blog but less than a more expensive and complex idea management application.   If you spend anytime on the Int... (more)

Introduction to Mobile Tagging

Mobile tagging is a process, a technology and a marketplace. The process of mobile tagging involves creating a visual image in a very specific format – called a tag – then deploying and displaying the tag either online or offline. You see the tag and use your mobile phone camera to snap it. When the tag is snapped you’re sorted as this triggers immediate delivery of content to your phone. The technology of mobile tagging includes various tag formats that are recognized by a specific tag reader. The reader is an application installed on the mobile that needs to be loaded to snap t... (more)


Today’s businesses run on processes and the software applications that support or automate them. But look in the average software user guide and you’ll find very few process flows to contextualize the application functionality. The focus of the material is on task-competence exemplified through screenshots and step-by-step instructions. This approach is grounded in the factory assembly line paradigm in which it is not necessary for a task-worker to know or care much about the task that precedes or follows their task. A century or so later, in the so-called “knowledge economy” m... (more)

Reinventing Print Media - Yeah Right...

Strategy+Business is normally a very reliable and insightful publication but the recent article Reinventing Print Media was not up to their high standards. How could an article discussing - in depth - the future of print media leave out mobile tagging, MIR and AR? All three of these technologies will be vital to re-invigorating a print media industry that is on its last legs. All three provide ways to link print media to online content, promotions and naturally most important of all, new advertising revenue streams. As well as reaching out to a new, younger generation of print m... (more)

Smoke and Mirrors

Like any other technology niche, mobile tagging is fraught with smoke and mirrors. I had to laugh reading a recent press release for yet another QR Code generation and management site attempting to charge for basic services that are available for free from practically every other provider of QR Code tag management (including Vizitag). One of the services offered as part of a paid package is to "install" a QR code on your web page or blog. Rather than use copy and paste like the rest of us, or iframe or javascript code if you are bit more technical, you can pay to have your QR Co... (more)