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Stewart McKie

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The New York Times reported on the use of QR Codes by Starbucks. The code is used to trigger a mobile payment and is part of their myStarbucks app on the iphone. An analyst quoted doubted whether using mobile tags for payment in this way will catch on when compared to the option to use near field technology that reads passive RFID tags. ... (more)

A Box Life

IT Strategy A Box Life is a cute idea for QR Codes sponsored by clothing firm Columbia as a recycling initiative. Put a tag on a cardboard box so that when the box is reused you can track the 'life' of the box By snapping the tag and providing your location data or entering the tracking code printed under the tag with your current location via a widget on the website, you update the box's current location so it can be tracked as it criss-crosses the USA. Using the web widget you can also add some data about where the box came from to you, to build up a picture of the box's lifest... (more)

Introduction to 3D Accounting (Part 1)

There was a time, many decades ago, when all a CFO had to care about was the ‘F’ word: Finance. But today’s chief financial officer has to care about more than just finance. The new ‘triple bottom line’, a term originally coined by John Elkington in 1994, implies that the financial management of the business has to go hand in hand with environmental and social impact accounting. Here, I refer to this kind of organizational management as three-dimensional accounting or ‘3DA’. What can I tell you: I’m a technology guy, I love acronyms. Yes, I know ‘three dimensional’ has baggage:... (more)

3D Accounting Part 4

Not everyone believes in 3D accounting. In their critique of the triple bottom line Getting to the Bottom of the Triple Bottom Line, authors Norman and MacDonald make a number of useful points. But in this post I want to discuss environmental ‘analogues’ based on their point below: But we are also puzzled when we look for conceptual analogies above the bottom line, so to speak. What are the ethical/social equivalents or analogues of, say, revenue, expenses, gains, losses, assets, liabilities, equity, and so on? The kinds of raw data that 3BL and other SEAAR advocates propose to... (more)

Introduction to Mobile Tagging

Mobile tagging is a process, a technology and a marketplace. The process of mobile tagging involves creating a visual image in a very specific format – called a tag – then deploying and displaying the tag either online or offline. You see the tag and use your mobile phone camera to snap it. When the tag is snapped you’re sorted as this triggers immediate delivery of content to your phone. The technology of mobile tagging includes various tag formats that are recognized by a specific tag reader. The reader is an application installed on the mobile that needs to be loaded to snap t... (more)